Tennessee Titans' projected roster

Examining the Tennessee Titans' roster.


If all are healthy, Locker starts and Whitehurst is the backup on game days with Mettenberger not dressed, at least at the beginning.


Battle beats Collin Mooney because he can carry the ball and is a good special teams player. Mooney has had a handful of first-team snaps, at most. Washington could get some touches, but is on the team to return.


The first three are locks, and after that it's open. Marc Mariani started camp well but has leveled off. Preston has been solid. Veteran late-summer addition Hagan gets open a lot in practices, particularly in the middle of the field. Robiskie is also challenging.


Walker has said he expects to play on the line more and Stevens is a blocker. Thompson now ranks as a lock. Chase Coffman would be fourth, but I'm not ready to give them four.


A starting caliber tackle is on the bench (at this point, Lewan) and that means Byron Stingily is less needed than backups for the interior such as Spencer and Olsen. Spencer is hurt right now.


Lavar Edwards doesn't make it, and Antonio Johnson's time lost to a knee injury has allowed the Titans to see they are fine at nose with Hill as the starter and Jones and Woods able to play there as well. Klug isn't a great fit for the system, but he's one of the Titans' best 53 players. Martin has missed a good deal of time with a bad hamstring, which is allowing others more time to show what they can do.


Colin McCarthy recently had shoulder surgery, and the Titans won't wait on a role player if it's not season-ending, which it might well be. Moise Fokou doesn't seem a system fit. Neither does Bailey, but he's getting the final spot now because of his special-teams capabilities.


Campbell has recovered from a terrible first two weeks of camp and has settled down some. Depth here is insufficient after the top three, and I think the Titans should be looking for outside help at cut time. For now Campbell stays because he can force fair catches, and he outranks the inconsistent rookie Huff, who also looks to be a good special teamer.


Stafford now appears to be a lock as Pollard's backup. I've actually liked Khalid Wooten's practice work at corner and he could be a swing defensive back. I just can't find any other practice observer who feels as good about him as I do, which I let influence me.


A solid guy who had a bit of an off year in 2013.


Maikon Bonani's big leg makes him intriguing. But he's not harnessing it sufficiently to this point. Coons has less leg but is more accurate. And his trajectory issue appears cured.


There has not been much chatter about a position player snapping, but it still surprises me a team would dedicate 1/53rd of the roster to the position.