A Giants-Bucs blockbuster? Trades we'd like to see this spring

Bruce Bochy managing Andrew McCutchen? A lot of Giants fans wouldn't mind that scenario. LG Patterson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

As we start March, a little more than a month remains until Opening Day, and there are still some teams that have weaknesses that need to be addressed. Unless a young player or veteran steps up and does well enough to at least temporarily fill the void, the only way for teams to fix these deficiencies at this date is through trades.

Contending teams could maker bigger trades that could put them over the top. Although we’re more accustomed to these types of trades happening at the winter meetings or at the trade deadline, there is no reason that trend can’t be bucked. How about a blockbuster or two shocking the baseball world?

With that in mind, here are trade ideas -- big and small -- that I’d like to see come to fruition between now and the season opener.

Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants