Snow joke as blizzard stops Fram and Breidablik in Icelandic League Cup

The Icelandic League Cup match between Fram and Breidablik had to be abandoned in the latter stages after the pitch was engulfed by an enormous blizzard.

According to the match report filed on the Breidablik club website, the weather in the first half was "reasonable" for Grafarholt (the suburb of Reykjavik in which the game was being played) at this time of year.

However, things soon took a turn for the worse after the restart, with the visitors sharing a video of their substitutes desperately huddling together for warmth on the bench.

Indeed, the match was ultimately abandoned in the 70th minute when the referee decided that the conditions were just to dangerous to continue.

Quite honestly, it's not hard to see why.

The Icelandic Football Association (KSI) have since confirmed that, as they were leading at the time the game was called off, Breidablik were awarded a 1-0 win by default.

The victors also took the time to thank Kari, the old Norse god of the North Wind, for the assist.