Eddy Curry puts in some extra work

After Erik Spoelstra said it's possible that Eddy Curry will make his season debut on Thursday against the Los Angeles Lakers, the big man spent about an hour working out after practice on pick-and-roll drills with assistant coach Keith Askins and rookie Terrel Harris. (Apologies for the long-distance video, but it's better than nothing).

Afterwards, Curry told reporters that he was ready to play whenever Spoelstra wants to call his name. He looked much quicker on the block than he has in the past, but then again, he was going at a 44-year-old assistant coach with pads for arms. It's slightly different than going in a real game against, say, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. Slightly.

The Heat need a big body against the Lakers and they might just have one waiting in the wings.