Knicks-Heat tickets more in demand than Finals Game 2

Here is an updated report from TiqIq.com, a ticket information company that tracks online ticket prices, as of noon Thursday:

  • This game is also 15.53% higher than the average price for Game 2 of the NBA Finals last year in Miami ($616.84). If this price holds this will also be the most expensive game of the season to this point beating out Mavs @ Knicks ($675.43)

  • The average price for this Thursdays Knicks @ Heat game is $712.61. The average home ticket price for the Miami Heat is $218.54

  • The current get in price (seated) is $140

  • The highest priced ticket is in Courtside South Row AA for $9,400+

  • This match up between the Knicks and Heat is 158.5% higher then their match up earlier in the season in Miami ($275.66).

  • This is game is 226.1% higher then the Heat's home average ticket price

  • The average price for this game has risen 223.9% since Tuesday 2/7 (day after Lin's first start ($220.23).

Overall, the average ticket price has risen over $100 since Wednesday morning when it stood at $612.23 the day before the game.