LeBron reflects on 2010

These are the days of the end-of-year lists that various media outlets like to roll out and LeBron James has found his way onto a lot of them.

James’ line “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” from last July has engraved itself into the famous/infamous sports quote lexicon for the foreseeable future. James deals with the fallout from the statement on nearly a daily basis.

His move along with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to sign with the Heat was not only one of the moments of the year in sports but one for the ages under the memorable non-game moment heading.

It isn’t just the networks who are reflecting on the year, though. James, who turned 26 on Thursday, said he’s thought about the past year as well.

“I learned a lot, 2010 was a new beginning for me, well, I’d say late 2010 was a new beginning,” James said.

“It was a new start. All the decisions I made through 2010, I’ll live with. Some were better than others. But I’m a happy man right now so I’m excited what 2011 has to bring.”