Everyone's a critic -- especially Phil Jackson

By J.A. Adande

Hmm, could there be some latent frustration in Phil Jackson about Pau Gasol’s slow-to-heal right hamstring?

Before the Lakers played the Pistons Tuesday night, Jackson said Gasol went through practice Monday and shootaround Tuesday morning and Jackson hoped Gasol would be able to play in the game. Alas, he remained on the inactive list. When Jackson was asked if he was concerned Gasol was being gun-shy, he jumped in and said, “That he’s a hypochondriac and might be a baby and won’t come out and play? Is that what you’re trying to say with that question?”

That drew laughs. Then Jackson turned TV critic, referring to Gasol’s guest appearance on “CSI: Miami.”

“I think he got injured on CSI and he’s not telling us the truth,” Jackson said. “I watched that program last night just to see if that was what [happened]. And then he dragged that kid out of the car; I’m sure that’s where he got that injury.

“I never watched [the show] before. I was totally amazed that people watch it. I can’t believe people actually watch that stuff.”

When someone compared Gasol’s acting duties to Andrew Bynum hoisting a Playmate at a Playboy Mansion party while out with an injury last season, Jackson stayed on his roll.

“That’s good for his shoulders,” Jackson said. “It’s another thing to be dragging someone and stretch your hamstring like Pau was doing.”

And finally, on Pau’s future in the acting biz: “I told him to keep his night job.”