WANTED: One extraordinary Blazer blog

By Henry Abbott

The TrueHoop Network's Portland blog, Beyond Bowie, had one tough job. Not only is Portland an intense online basketball market, but I'm a Blazer fan myself -- so TrueHoop readers skew Portlandish and have high expectations for any Blazer news source.

Meanwhile, Beyond Bowie was fighting with one arm tied behind its back. The two people who took on the task are both tremendous writers and basketball fans, but have, you know, real lives. Max Handelman is a movie producer. Erik Barmack not only has a full-time job but recently finished a novel. Neither one is local.

Hats off to both of them. Everything they've done has been tremendous. But it's clear at this point that the scheduling reality is that they don't have the time to do enough to satiate information-hungry Blazer fans as anchor-tenants in this shopping mall of hoops blogs.

So, we're putting out a call. We're looking for a strong Blazer blog to join the TrueHoop Network. Could be one that's already out there, one that exists in your imagination, or some combination. Could be one run by one person or a whole team.

Want to be the TrueHoop Network's Portland Blazer blogger?

Send whatever you think we need to see (links, writing samples, proposals, references, errata) to portlandtruehoop@gmail.com. We'll review and be in touch.

And many thanks to Erik, Max, Rick, Jeff and everyone who contributed to Beyond Bowie. They did great stuff, and I'm pleased they're ready and willing to contribute when they can to the TrueHoop Network's next Portland blog.