Jamal Crawford's street-legal shake-n-bake

I just ran across a video how-to of Jamal Crawford's "shake-n-bake."

It's a very cool move. Honestly, for Christmas, I'd like that in my game.

Is it traveling, though?

Not if you do it well.

I know the rules say you're not supposed to gather the ball, and then take off and land on the same foot. Check the video rulebook. Jumping from two feet and landing on two feet would seem to violate that rule once on the right and again on the left, if you see what I mean, if you gather the ball and then hop from one jump stop into another.

It can be done legally, though. Watch some video of legal jump stops. You're OK if you start the jump before you gather the ball.

Or, a simpler way to make it NBA street legal is to be careful to jump off just one leg, then land for the jump stop, before jumping to shoot or pass (you can not then pivot).

The video rulebook explains: "The offensive player on this play gathers the ball, alights from his right foot, and then lands with both feet simultaneously on the floor. Note that at this point, the player may not pivot; if he lifts either foot, the ball must be released prior to that foot returning to the floor."

So, as you work this into your game, remember that little wrinkle. Because if you do this move in your pick-up game, you're going to embarrass somebody, and they'll probably try to call you for traveling.

But wondering about that play points to an absurdity in NBA travel rules.

If you stop dribbling, gather the ball, and keep running, you are, by rule, now allowed to take two steps.

OK, cool, fine.

But there's another part of the traveling rules that says you can't take off and land on the same foot while driving.

You see what's crazy about that? You are allowed to gather the ball with your left foot down, and then step with the right and left before getting rid of the ball. But skip that right step in the middle, and gather the ball on your left foot, and then jump on to that same left foot, and that's a travel.

Huh? One more step in the middle would make it OK?