LeBron's new shoes say, 'I Love New York'

By Royce Young

I have no idea what LeBron James plans to do this summer. I'm not smart enough to speculate nor do I really want to even try. I'm perfectly content with just waiting and seeing. But you must admit, things like his new shoe (which had photos leaked today), the Nike Air Max LeBron VII Hardwood Classic Edition, make this whole thing very... interesting.

Now, I'm no sneaker guy, so I don't really know much about it all, but the fact the shoe is clearly in Knick colors (even down the orange speckles on the shoe laces) is something to take note of. But then again, in the 80s, the Cavs wore orange and blue uniforms and LeBron's Cavs have been known to wear those unis as throwbacks. Ah, case closed. However, I don't think those old uniforms had an "I Love New York" patch on them. Well then.

UPDATE: I, among many, was had. The shoes are evidently a fake.