Meet the NBA's top-ranked defense

Here’s a confession:

I like grind-it-out defensive battles.

By no means do I want to watch an 85-81 game every night, nor do I want a return to the late 90s when brute physicality was the most valued asset on the floor. But there’s a certain appeal to observing precision at work, and that’s what you get when watch the Charlotte Bobcats play defense.

Though Gerald Wallace has established himself as a cult favorite, the Bobs don't get a lot of national exposure. That's too bad, because when they're not holding the NBA's top offense to a measly one point per possession, they're forcing superstars who can allegedly get shots whenever they want into a barrage of contested jumpers with the 24-second clock expiring.

That's why America's children should be watching the Charlotte Bobcats play defense: