Magic Johnson on Barack Obama's trash talk

Magic Johnson, as quoted by Mike Trudell on Lakers.com, talking about meeting Barack Obama:

It was really a special moment in time that I’m going to always remember that the President of the United States trash-talked Magic Johnson. And me restraining myself not to come back at him.

He was the only man on earth that ever trash-talked me and I (didn’t) say anything ... it was a great moment.

Trudell explains the moment (which you can watch), from the Lakers' visit to the White House yesterday:

Perhaps the funniest part of [Obama's] address came after he conveyed his excitement about meeting Phil Jackson, when he mentioned Lakers legend Magic Johnson (standing next to Kobe Bryant) while acknowledging Jackson’s championships.

“I do want to point out that six of them came with the Bulls,” said Obama, a big time Chicago fan. “You remember that, Magic?”

That one had all in attendance cracking up, particularly after Obama turned towards Magic to pantomime Michael Jordan’s right-hand-to-left-hand layup in the 1991 Finals, when Jackson’s Bulls defeated Johnson’s Lakers 4-1.