Jerry Stackhouse on Vince Carter's bad season

Jerry Stackhouse apperas on SIRIUS XM’s Mad Dog Radio in a segment called "Stack's House." Yesterday, before Vince Carter's best scoring night of the season, he had this exchange:

Caller: “I don’t want to disgrace one of your fellow Tar Heels but Vince Carter is not playing very well for the Magic. Do you think they made a mistake by not trying harder to get [Hedo] Turkoglu back and then trading for him? I almost think he’d be better off the bench as kind of like a spark maybe that would help out. I don’t know, you tell me.”

Jerry Stackhouse: “I got the scoop on that when we played them [February 2 in Orlando] and I’m glad we got to that, because I asked him. I was like, ‘Man, what’s going on? Is it the team? Kind of being close to home? What is it?’ He’s like, ‘Stack, man, my knee isn’t right. I’m basically not able, I’m able to play but ...’ I think he kind of has a number in his mind of how long he really wants to continue playing because of all of the pounding and jumping that he has on his knees, and that’s what he told me, so I think that maybe that’s some of it. Hopefully he can find a way to weather that or strengthen it and be able to at least turn it on for them in the playoffs. But him playing at the level that he’s playing right now, I don’t see them really getting back to the Finals. They need him to be that guy, they need him to be that closer because they don’t have a bona fide closer on that team. Rashard Lewis has won some games for them late but you can’t really throw the ball down to [Dwight] Howard late because if he goes to the free throw line, [there’s] a good chance of having an empty possession with that. So you’ve got to have Vince Carter, who is a guy that has been a closer for the most part of his career, to step up and be that closer for them. And, I think, as far as he’s concerned, his body might not allow him to do that.”