How to make the 3-point contest

Anthony Morrow is disappointed. "I missed those ten games," he says. "But for that ..."

The man was born to shoot 3-pointers. And he does it extremely well. This season, he has made 75 of the 166 he has shot, giving him the fourth-best make rate in the NBA, an impressive 45%.

Six people are invited to the 3-point contest. But not Morrow.

And, in fact, none of those ranked ahead of him in 3-point field goal percentage was invited either. Mike Miller has made 35 of 65 shots (54%), Daniel Gibson 66 of 138 (48%) and Jared Dudley 76 of 162 (47%).

Meanwhile, the players who did get the invites are ranked fifth (Paul Pierce), ninth (Stephen Curry), 10th (Channing Frye), 12th (Chauncey Billups), 23rd (Danilo Gallinari), and entirely off the leaderboard (defending champ Daequan Cook).

The big question: How are they selected?

The NBA says the process works like this: The players are sorted by 3-point field goal percentage, and then they look at which players have hit the most shots.

So, Anthony Morrow was right.

Looking at the invitees, they are volume shooters, for sure. It's nearly a who's who of 3-point field goal attempts in fact. Morrow has shot 166, which is just shy of Pierce (174), and well behind Gallinari (326), Frye (277), Billups (238) and Curry (205).

So for Anthony Morrow, who's shooting more 3s per game, and hitting more of them, than Pierce -- I guess the lesson is that he just has to shoot more?

"I guess so," he says.

He's going to make up for lost time in the rookie challenge, when he's threatening to shoot a ton from downtown. "I may even shoot one left-handed," he says, after hitting one like that in practice. (On Twitter, he virtually guaranteed one.)

Maybe that'll get him invited for next year.