Now what for Amare?

Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have made their big trade, all eyes turn to Phoenix to see what the Suns will do with Amare Stoudemire.

Two sources told ESPN.com that the Suns called the Cavs this afternoon and told them they had decided against sending Amare to Cleveland. A few hours later, the Cavs had completed a deal for Antawn Jamison.

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Trade MachineThat leaves the Miami Heat as the only known suitor for Amare. One source close to the process disputed what a Suns source told me earlier today about Miami's reluctance to give up draft picks for Amare. The Heat own the Raptors' and their own first-round draft picks this year.

"The Heat have offered a pick," the source said. "I think this comes down to, will they offer their second first-rounder, as well?"

The question is, will the Heat offer more now they know their biggest competitor for Amare is out of the picture? Remember, the Heat can sign him straight up as a free agent this summer without giving up either pick.

If the Suns balk at making a deal with Miami, chances are they're keeping Amare. The only other potential suitor may be the Chicago Bulls. A source said the Bulls expressed interest in Amare earlier in the week, but they've been quiet on the Amare front since then.

If the Suns can't make a trade before Thursday's deadline, expect Amare to be unhappy.

"He's going to be upset," one source familiar with the process told ESPN.com. "He's been reading his name in the headlines every day. He's been wooed by Dwyane Wade and LeBron. It's time to move on."

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