Channing Frye has Seen the Video, is Not Mad at Nate Robinson

In case you missed it, Channing Frye's season-ending knee injury was precipitated by his punchy little rookie teammate, Nate Robinson, who shoved the player (Andre Barrett) who collided with Frye's knee. Here's Howard Beck from today's New York Times.

Barrett stumbled when Nate Robinson shoved him in the back, but Frye, who has watched the replay "about 100 times now," does not blame Robinson. "It wasn't his fault at all. It's just a basketball play, and stuff like that happens," he said. "He felt real bad afterwards and I told him, 'I would have done the same thing.' "

You high school basketball players reading to this? Don't listen to him. Shoving people in the back is not a good part of the game, and it turns people into missiles, which often leads to injury.

Anyone know where we can see video of this? It was probably on NBA.com but I was too slow.