Spike Lee's conundrum

Spike Lee is almost defined by his love of the Knicks. He wrote a book about it, in fact, and essentially represents "the Knicks" in a story about that team's greatest rivalry of the last twenty years.

But he's from Brooklyn.

So what is the world like for him in a world with an NBA team based in Brooklyn? Is it really even possible the Knicks' best-known fan would ditch the Knicks?

It'll be interesting to see how the award-winning director plays it.

Curbed.com is doing a nice and slightly PG-13 job of liveblogging the Barclays Center groundbreaking in Brooklyn. Blogger Joey notes that the lobster roll sliders being served at the ceremony are very nice, that Mayor Bloomberg may or may not have taken a brief nap in his chair, that David Stern is reportedly a no-show and that ... there's a nice seat reserved at the press conference for Spike Lee.