Longest jumper in NBA history?

LeBron JamesJoe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

From half-court, most players heave the ball. But LeBron James is not most players.

At the end of the third quarter on Sunday night against the Bulls, LeBron James pulled up for what looked to be more or less a jump shot, from the circle at center court.

He nailed it. A lot of the air left the building for Chicago fans.

You can see video of it all over the place.

The form is the story. Most shots from that distance are some kind of running heave, almost like a chest pass to the rim (or some other kind of craziness). Think about Jerry West, Devin Harris, Shannon Brown, Luke Ridnour or even Corey Brewer's shot earlier this season. Many have nice follow-through, but they aren't jump shots, per se.

James' shot was roughly like those others. He too was on the run, launching in the air, moving toward the hoop. But his form was uncommonly upright -- a luxury of his strength, that he did not need to lean forward to push the ball with his arms. Instead he looked basically like a guy taking a jump shot. He just happened to be around half-court.

Last time I saw something like that, it was also James, but it was faked.

So, I'm wondering -- can you find video of a longer NBA shot that similarly looked like a jumper?

If so, allow me to direct you to the comments.

UPDATE: Ryan Schwan of Hornets247 with some relevant finds: Stephon Marbury, Michael Jordan, and Vince Carter (about 2:10 in) are in the club, for sure. Also, here's LeBron James doing something similar once before.

There are so many more, as you'll see in the comments. Some noteworthy ones: Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Chauncey Billups, Mo Williams, Earl Watson and Joe Johnson. (Thanks, Tim.)