The Game 3 thriller in Utah

The enduring images of Utah's painful 111-110 loss on Saturday evening will be Deron Williams' missed jumper with one second remaining and Wesley Matthews' subsequent oh-so-close tip attempt at the buzzer. But the deeper source of heartbreak for the Jazz was an inability to translate their success into a hard-earned victory. Utah got much of what it wanted in Game 3. Deron Williams aggressively managed the offense, which generated 110 points in only 91 possessions. The Jazz held the Lakers' three big men in check and forced the Lakers to do the bulk of their offensive work with jump shots. The Jazz also got productive minutes from Andrei Kirilenko and a prolific performance from the quick trigger of Kyle Korver.

The consolation for Utah? It had a starring role in the most dramatic production of the 2010 postseason.

The Lakers and the Jazz played 48 minutes of memorable basketball, but the game's final three minutes was a spectacle. I watched the game with Brian Kamenetzky of Land o' Lakers, both of us standing through much of the final frame. Our impressions of the closing minutes of Game 3: