Upon review, the Sun is a star

Goran DragicBarry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images

This season has wholly reversed Goran Dragic's reputation as a wasted 2008 pick.

I was lucky enough to have a great seat for Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals in Phoenix, which inspired, believe it or not, a poem honoring a backup point guard.

In the late hours of the war room,

Griffin working phones,

A payment to the Alamo,

The Suns would be your home.

Handle, shooting, poise …

There was no rookie magic,

We quickly picked it all apart,

Your last name looks like “Tragic.”

A fraud, a waste, a bust,

Even Suns fans did that talkin’.

What insult could cut deeper

Than calling a Slovenian “Slovakian?”

But now we’re in the playoffs.

It’s two-thousand and ten.

The Spurs brushed you aside that June,

This May -- you did it to them.

Muscle for a rebound.

Fight like hell through screens,

They drafted you for defense.

Somewhere Steve Kerr beams.

Tenacious on the dribble,

Defenders spun around.

It’s new: The Suns can build a lead

While Nash is lying down.

3s, assists and free throws.

Once more to the lane!

If the Suns can shock the world

Goran Dragic is the name.