Nuggets looking to move up in draft?

We just unloaded 2000 plus words of the latest draft talk on our NBA Draft Blog today. We covered the DeMarcus Cousins-Derrick Favors workout in Sacramento and gave the latest updates on what the Wizards, Sixers, Nets, Timberwolves and Kings were all up to. As we get closer to the draft the info just keeps rolling in. Here's a few bonus nuggets, that came in after the blog published.

A number of NBA sources are telling me that the Denver Nuggets are in the hunt for a Top 10 pick. Nuggets GM Mark Warkentein has been calling around trying to gauge interest in teams selling the pick. According to sources Warkentein is offering Ty Lawson for the pick. A Nuggets source said the Nuggets are looking for big man to fill up their front line. Several bigs including Cole Aldrich, Ed Davis, Ekpe Udoh, Patrick Patterson, Daniel Orton and Hassan Whiteside could be there at 10.

Butler's Gordon Hayward is getting serious looks from the Clippers, Jazz, Pacers and Bucks. But could he go even higher than No. 8? The Sacramento Kings (drafting at No. 5) have been pushing to get Hayward in and will have Hayward and Nevada's Luke Babbitt in for a workout on June 23rd, the day before the draft. Could the Kings take Hayward ahed of the two guys we have highest on their board -- DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monore? Probably not. But the Kings have been talking to several teams about moving down in the draft. The Kings are looking for veterans and have been shopping Andres Nocioni and Francisco Garcia to see if they can get any takers. If they do move down a few notches, both players could be intriguing.