Kevin Pritchard Going out in a Blaze of Glory?

Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard may be fighting for his job, but it hasn't stopped him from being aggressive in trade talks and draft discussions.

Two league sources told ESPN.com that the Blazers (who pick at No. 22) have been very active in trade discussions. Specifically, the team has been hunting for a pick in the mid-first round -- somewhere between 16 and 19. They appear to be trying to move ahead of the San Antonio Spurs, who pick 20.

Who is their target? According to sources, the Blazers like several players including Damion James, Daniel Orton and Solomon Alabi. They also like international big man Kevin Seraphin from France. The concern in Portland is that the players they're targeting might all be gone before the 22nd pick.

The Blazers have plenty of assets to make a deal and have historically been one of the most active teams in the league when it comes to acquiring draft picks.

Pritchard and his staff remain in the driver's seat right now, despite a flurry of signs that their jobs are in jeopardy. Pritchard has been one of the most successful GMs in the league over the past several years, especially when it comes to the draft. However, sources have indicated that owner Paul Allen's advisers have been unhappy with his job performance and are looking outside the organization for possible replacements. Everyone from Jerry West to Mark Warkentein have been mentioned in the search.

Sources say that Pritchard is expecting to be fired after the draft is over, but has decided that if he's going to be let go, he wants to leave with a bang.

"They're going all out right now, which is pretty much par for the course," a rival GM told ESPN.com. "But it's interesting to see this sort of effort given everything else that's going on. He's had as good of a track record as any executive in the league and management is humiliating him. Lots of guys would've just quit. I'd admire that he's going out swinging."