Jordan Farmar fires up Los Angeles

The story of Game 6 is that the Lakers and Celtics are going to Game 7, where history will be made.

The play of the night, however, may well have been Jordan Farmar's fastbreak dunk over Kevin Garnett. It came with 5:13 left in the second quarter, put Los Angeles up twenty, stirred Laker fans to a frenzy and made a home team win seem inevitable.

The feeling in Los Angeles is that the Celtics, and especially the loudmouthed Garnett, have been bullying the Lakers throughout the Finals. Farmar, meanwhile, is about the last person anyone would predict to humiliate such a formidable opponent. But that's what happened.

"We got a steal," remembers Farmar. "I just ran out. Lamar threw it ahead. I knew they were going to try to block it if I had laid it up. He might have been able to get his hand on it. I just wanted to be aggressive and throw it down quick, with authority."

That wasn't the end of the play, however. Farmar landed, faced Garnett, and screamed ... something at him. At least that's how it appeared.

Did we get that right, Jordan?

"Yeah," says Farmar with a grin, not sharing the secret of what he yelled. "I was just into the game. And that's when I'm playing my best, when I'm into it and letting it all hang out."

A good dunk can fire people up. After that dunk Staples Center was as loud as it has been in ages, and Twitter went a bit nuts. Four of the many thousands of Tweets that quickly appeared:

  • tehess Just added to my bucket list: Dunk on Kevin Garnett while trying to look as cool as Jordan Farmar.

  • MrWindon Did Farmar really dunk on Garnett and stare him down????????

  • mad_clown Farmar's dunk over Garnett left me giddy. Replayed it at least 15 times on the DVR. I want a poster of it. What an amazing game!

  • AirAfrica11 Damn KG your my favorite player, but you have got to stop getting dunked on. Lebron was understandable, but Jordan Farmar?? c'mon man.

So, did that unforgettable play change everything for the Lakers? Is that the thing they'll be dreaming about as they fall asleep tonight?

Not so fast. I asked Ron Artest about Farmar's dunk, and he smiled into space, straining to remember it. "Hmm ..." he says, trying to be helpful, but coming up blank. "I don't know where I was. Was I in the game? I probably was talking."

He's not exactly crestfallen at having missed it, either, saying: "It's just two points."