Monday Bullets

  • Jason Kidd made one of the dirtier NBA plays I have ever seen. It doesn't fit the Kidd narrative -- teammate, leader, assist man -- so people just kind of forget it. The occasion of remembering this is that the guy he hurled at the floor out of the sky, Jannero Pargo, is back with the Hornets. Also at that same link: Some great archival video of Pargo and some Hornets doing an excellent Globetrotter-style routine during a dead ball.

  • Gilbert Arenas was low key at media day. John Krolik, on Pro Basketball Talk, makes the case Arenas can once again be an important player: "If Arenas accepts that Wall is going to be the one making everything go in Washington, he could absolutely experience a career renaissance -- getting easy looks from beyond the arc, working drives on defenses tilted towards Wall's side of the floor, or setting Wall and everybody else up with passes for easy finishes. If Arenas reverts to his old habits and (as he is occasionally wont to do) stops the ball and tries to relive his 28 PPG glory days on a bad knee, he may become an albatross for Washington, tempt his talented teammates to try and get theirs instead of playing a team game, and ultimately end up holding the New Wizards back instead of getting them back into contention." One last thought about Arenas: I have to believe that if he plays well, the Wizards will be very tempted to trade him. For three reasons: He's a terrible defender, they have a player at his position and most importantly, he has history with that town. His playing well is the only way another team could be convinced to take on his mammoth deal.

  • In Kevin Love and Michael Beasley, the Wolves may have the most free-speaking frontcourt in the NBA.

  • Why would Rip Hamilton be a special player to Carmelo Anthony? Why has he been discussed as the player the Nuggets could get to convince Anthony to stay? All roads lead to William Wesley -- who is close to both players -- on that one.

  • A little video analysis of whether or not Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry can play together.

  • How much is Joakim Noah worth? There is a lot of talk about that out there, and rightly so. I'd add one more layer: You basically have to have some kind of mobile, athletic seven-footer (or close) to win a title. Of course you'd love to have Dwight Howard, but you can also get business done with Kendrick Perkins, and there's a reason the Suns were so much better with Robin Lopez on the court much of last season. But there are fewer than 30 guys like that -- and some of them are so bad at other parts of the game that you can't put them out on the floor. Noah is set to be a centerpiece of Tom Thibodeau's defense, and he's capable of being part of a good offense, too. This is not unlike when the Nuggets paid Nene. At the time, it was an outrage to give so many dollars to a guy who scored so few points. But in the playoffs, every team needs a guy like that, and only some have him. So, when you're deciding whether to pay Noah or not, you're also deciding whether to be a team with a big man like that or not.

  • Zach Harper wrote a really long post on Hardwood Paroxysm that ends like this: "And while you’re probably wondering why you just read through this entire article and learned virtually nothing, we did learn a few key things: 1. I know next to nothing about science. 2. Sometimes, it’s good to stretch your legs a bit and delve into a subject you don’t understand. 3. Identical twins really freak me out."

  • Phil Jackson uses the word "collusion" in talking about how the Heat got together.

  • Can Bill Walker start for the Knicks? He'd like to.

  • It's never personal with the numbers. But, for the record, David Berri's numbers hate the Sixers.