Busted: Shawn Kemp Arrested with Pot

Last November, this is what Eric Johnson of KOMO news reported:

The last time we saw him was in a courtroom. He'd been picked up in a car with a friend, and a bag of marijuana, a little cocaine, and a loaded pistol.

"I've definitely learned from this," Kemp said. "It's not a place I'm familiar with, and you shall not see me back in this position again."

Today he swears he didn't know about any of the drugs, and promises the incident changed him forever.

"I had already planned to get in shape; I was already working out at that time. And then that happened...

"Of all the things I've done -- been out drinking, used drugs... to never be caught, then all the sudden to be caught when you're not doing something... if that don't change you, nothing will ever change you."

And so he dropped everything 6 months ago and moved to Houston with a trainer. No drinking. No partying.

Just sweat and resolve -- and oatmeal 3 times a day.

You can even watch video of him saying that kind of stuff.

He was just arrested in Houston, allegedly with a small amount of marijuana. He has been released after posting $500 bond. Oh Shawn, Shawn, Shawn. Please don't become a super-sad story.

Lang Whitaker has some good perspective and a great photo of you making Dennis Rodman look ridiculous.

UPDATE: The Houston Chronicle has some more details. Looks like he did a little bit of a Qyntel Woods.

The Sheriff's Department said Kemp, 36, was pulled over by a deputy in the 13500 block of Alief-Clodine shortly after midnight for driving without a license plate. During the traffic stop, the deputy said he smelled "an odor of burnt marijuana" coming from Kemp's car where he later found less than two ounces of marijuana.

No license plate? And pot in the car? You might as well walk around with a big BUST ME sign on your back.