Iguodala angling to leave Philly?

I’m told by well-placed sources that Andre Iguodala would like a change of scenery; that after spending the summer winning a World Championship with Team USA Iguodala can’t stomach going through another losing season in Philadelphia, especially when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

The sources said that while Iguodala’s camp has not requested a trade, it has let Sixers management know that if the team doesn’t begin winning, he’d like to be moved elsewhere.

The Sixers, however, deny having had any such conversations with Iguodala. So what gives?

Some league executives believe Iguodala’s camp wants it known that he’s open to being traded, and they say one place he’d like to be is Chicago. You could call it the CAA Effect.

This past summer, agents Leon Rose and Henry Thomas of CAA got three of their star clients – LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh – together in Miami. Then, of course, there’s talk of two of Rose’s other clients, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, teaming up together in New York. Now, some league executives believe Rob Pelinka, who represents Iguodala and Carlos Boozer, may be trying to follow CAA’s lead by hooking up two of his big clients in Chicago.

The natural trade would be Iguodala to Chicago for Luol Deng, but there’s one problem: if Philadelphia ever decides to trade Iguodala, it won’t be for Deng. Moving Iguodala would essentially mean the Sixers are starting over, so they would not want to take on Deng’s long-term, big-money contract, which has three years, $40 million left on it after this season.

There is no acrimony between Iguodala and the Sixers, and Iguodala will not go public with his feelings. He’s not confrontational by nature so he’s not going to make waves; plus he realizes that he would get skewered in Philadelphia if he had the audacity to say he wants out after signing an $80 million contract. The understandable reaction among Sixers fans would be, “We’re paying you like a star, so you’re supposed to make us a good team, not complain about us being bad.’’

Teams are calling Philadelphia about Iguodala, but as of now no trade talks are taking place. But if the Sixers go south in a hurry, Iguodala could hit the market.