Blake Griffin is like Christmas

Last night, I went to see LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in the flesh in Philadelphia. Even if it didn't sell out, it was a treat to see Dwyane Wade finding his groove again after a one game preseason.

But it was not anything to lose sleep over.

Then I drove home -- more than an hour, spent listening to a radio call of Derrick Rose robo-shooting the Bulls out of a close game against the Thunder -- growing more tired all the way. I flopped into bed, and just for fun, clicked on the Blazer game as I dozed off.

There was no sleeping.

J.A. Adande has already explained why. Blake Griffin has the size of Dwight Howard, the coordination of Dwyane Wade and the joy of a puppy. There may be a player more fun to watch at work, but I'm hard pressed to name him.