Timofey Mozgov meets his idols

Timofey Mozgov is sort of a semi-cult figure with the Knicks fans I’m in contact with on a daily basis.

After reading his candid thoughts about meeting childhood idols, Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Garnett, he might just be a cult figure for the entire Internet.

(via – Rush’N’Hoops)

On Shaq:

“He’s huge, very huge, just unrealistically huge! Even more so in real life than on TV. I think he’s not calling himself an alien from another planet for nothing. I saw Shaq for the second time in my life. Not only that, I’ve played against him, played against Shaquille O’Neal twice in my career! You can tell my childhood dream came true. The only thing left now is to see Jordan))”

“You can’t even imagine how huge Shaq is, – Mozgov told Kirill Zangalis of Sovetskiy Sport. – I’m not sure that I could wrap my arms around him; he’s a real man-mountain. I’ve played against the Greek giant Sofoklis Schortsanitis, and it was impossible to move him. But now after meeting Shaq in person I understand why Schortsanitis goes by the nickname “Baby Shaq” in Europe. Compared to the original he looks like a dwarf.

“It’s funny that Shaquille puts four giant cushions on his seat, – Mozgov told Sport-Express. – Probably regular chairs are too hard for him. Some of our guys also put cushions on their seats, but no more than two. And there he has four! When me and Gallinari saw that, we burst out laughing”.

On Kevin Garnett:

“Garnett is great too. He’s also not young anymore, but still plays brilliant at a very high level. Though sometimes he doesn’t fight fair. Of course they overlook what he does, or maybe they just don’t notice a lot of things. Or maybe it’s just my perception because I’m not used to it. But at least when I was watching him on TV I never thought he used tricks like this. By the way, he too is much bigger in real life than on the screen”

Sovetskiy Sport quotes Mozgov:

“Kevin Garnett surprised me. I always admired him and had no idea that he could play this dirty. He was pushing me when nobody was looking, trying to provoke me.

“It even made me laugh – a player of great skills who would use tricks like this.”

It’s really worth the click-through to see some unbridled enthusiasm of a young foreign player.