Mark Cuban laughs at the Heat's struggles

The Miami Heat are the NBA's big Rorschach test -- when you see them, what do you see?

I don't know exactly what Mark Cuban sees ... maybe he sees, in LeBron James, a player he hoped to nab this summer. Maybe he sees a way to get himself in the headlines. Maybe he just sees competition. The real answer is not clear.

What is clear, however, is that when he sees the Heat losing, he's happy.

He was on ESPN radio in Dallas and reacts to the Heat's four early losses by saying:

Hallelujah, boys, is that great or what? …

How cool is that? Now, they could still turn it around and win out for all that matters, but you’re starting to see some of the problems. Any team with a strong, big guy that can score, they’re getting abused by. Paul Millsap goes out and pulls a Tracy McGrady. What, Tracy McGrady scored 13 and 30 and Paul Millsap scores 11 in 29 seconds or something like that? They just don’t have size to battle. They have the fewest points in the paint of any team and that’s tough. …

My buddy Dan Gilbert is smiling all the way, too. Again, it’s early in the season and you never quite know how it’s going to play out, but how glorious.

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