Nice diagrams of who's passing where

The people at Hoopism have made a cool tool.

It's built on last season's assist data, and it shows in delightful color who passes where.

For instance, Deron Williams got a ton of assists passing to Carlos Boozer. So there's a big fat line connecting those two players. He passed far less to Kyrylo Fesenko, so Williams and Fesenko are connected by a very narrow bar.

It's a nice way to see, clearly, at a glance, who passed where.

But the coolest part of the whole deal is that it's up and running for all 30 teams, and it's interactive. Do you want to have it show you where Kobe Bryant got his assists? (Hint: Not Luke Walton!) You can click and drag the players around and make any chart you want.

They're working on making it even cooler, too.