Tuesday Bullets

  • This will ruin your whole day. Honestly, you won't get anything else done. A cool tool -- mess with it a little, you'll see -- basically letting you quickly sort through every slam in dunk contest history. The best ones are across the top of the chart.

  • Watch Dwight Howard displaying his Tim Duncan game. He's looking very comfortable scoring an array of ways from the post. Remember this, in the playoffs.

  • Mitch Kupchak has been musing about trades, but it's hard to find players on the roster who have the right mix of talent and contract to fetch a game-changers. The one exception: Andrew Bynum.

  • Brian Shaw is the clubhouse favorite to succeed Phil Jackson as Laker head coach when he retires. Shaw tells Mark Medina of the L.A. Times he has the patience for the job, then proceeds to outline his view of some of the key duties: "The game I think has evolved. It's less X's and O's. I've played basketball and have been coaching basketball long enough now to understand everything that goes on on the court. What it's evolved more into now is managing different personalities and egos and all the other stuff that goes with it. When Phil played and, early on, when I played, you didn't have guys doing reality shows, guys with cellphones, pagers and tweeting and guys with their whole bodies tattooed and crazy hairstyles that are part of the game now. You didn't have so many young guys that came out of high school or one year removed from college. Now, a lot of coaching goes into being able to deal with all of those types of issues, and a lot of the spotlight is taken off the X's and O's and who can make this mix of guys work and control these personalities."

  • How's this for an imaginary trade: The moon, for Neptune.

  • Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog, who once wrote about the Washington Wizards every darned day: "As the Wizards have continued to trudge their way to one of the NBA's worst-ever road losing streaks, fan dissatisfaction has steadily increased. I mean, I guess. That would make sense. No one ever really mentions the Wizards to me."

  • The Onion says that Chris Bosh has been named the NBA's weirdest looking player for the fifth straight year. (Via Ball in Europe)

  • A night of nice dunks.

  • John Krolik of Cavs: The Blog: "It followed a familiar pattern. The Heat jumped out to a double-digit lead, the Cavs came back and cut it to three, the Heat called a time-out and got some variation of a 'seriously, why are you only beating the Cavs by three points?' lecture, and then they proceeded to snuff out any hopes the Cavs had of actually winning the game. It’s something we’ve seen a lot, and I can’t honestly say that the phenomena is the product of anything other than teams coming out and executing, relaxing as the Cavs get some cheap points, then stepping on the gas when they realize the Cavaliers might actually tie the game. It’s not really fun to watch, but at least the Cavs are trying sometimes. Don’t put that last sentence on any team promotional material."

  • Rush'n Hoops translates some sovsport.ru comments, where Timofey Mozgov talks about when Robin Lopez's nose, apparently, attacked his arm. "It was a couple minutes before the end of the game. We were losing hopelessly, and D’Antoni put me in the game. I was overwhelmed with desire to prove myself. There was a regular episode where I was fighting to get the ball, and Robin Lopez was doing the same thing. We were battling just like bigs normally do: hard, nearly fouling each other. I was first to get to the ball, but Lopez pressed on my wrist and then quickly moved his hand away and kind of dove with his nose into my hand. So probably it looked like I hit him hard on purpose and that led to a rejection." Watch for yourself. The incident is at the 1:45 mark of this video.

  • Using adjuted plus/minus, Wayne Winston names his all-stars.

  • Watching Yi Jianlian.

  • Pacer players on departed coach Jim O'Brien.

  • Former TrueHoop contributor Zabian Dowdell is threatening to stick with the Suns. Also, not too long ago we got to know the D-League's Orien Greene, who was ready to give anything for another crack at the NBA, and now he's a Net.

  • What kind of foul is committed affects how likely the ensuing free throws are to go in. This will actually make sense, when you read.

  • Fascinating look at how clutch statistics in many categories compare to the rest of the game. Many players increase their field goal percentage with the game on the line. But get this: Kobe Bryant passes more in the final five minutes of close games than at other times.