How to get married in a minute

New Nugget center Timofey Mozgov proposed to his girlfriend Alla several weeks ago. They decided to seal the deal quietly, in a private ceremony in Las Vegas over All-Star Weekend.

They arrived in Vegas, and looked around for a nice little chapel. They didn't like some of the first options they saw. They also had questions about the paperwork -- with his fiancee due to take a trip to Russia soon, the paperwork needed to be in order almost immediately. A bit of research at the hotel on Friday revealed that, basically, they had to get married within a few minutes, or risk not having the proper paperwork in time for Alla's trip.

Mozgov wrote about the episode on Sports.ru, and it has been translated into English by journalist Alexander Chernykh:

Literally abandoning everything, we jumped into the limo dressed right as we were. Me -- in a tracksuit, which I was wearing to look around the city. Alla -- not in a white dress either. ...

So we jumped into the limo and went to that exact chapel where Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Frank Sinatra, Demi Moore, Britney Spears said their vows … We started to take pictures. And then … Of course it couldn’t go without any adventures now -- camera battery ran out. Somehow we managed to make a couple shots. The rest, we had to take pictures with a mobile phone.

The ceremony itself has reminded us a lot of … going to [the McDonald's drive-through]!

Right in our limo we drove to a certain entrance. The driver has put down our window. There a special guy was already waiting.

I need to say, that that character (he’s definitely not a priest, but it’s hard for me to call him any other way) had a remarkable appearance. But he great country of United States has given him the necessary privileges, so he looked inside the window and proclaimed us to be wife and husband! What do you want -- this is Las Vegas.