The $2 Million Complaint Against Zach Randolph

Oh, lordy, this is not what you want to read. But you can read the whole legal document online.

Here is what the report says, in essence (with a whole bunch of "allegedly"):

  • Randolph allegedly says "I'm a gangster not a Blazer." (Not sure why this is included, but it's in one of the very first paragraphs.)

  • He allegedly keeps a table at the Portland club Exotica. (Link wholly NSFW, although it should be pointed out that you can get three eggs, sausage, home fries and toast for $3.25. Not sure exactly how, but somehow, that's important.)

  • Randolph allegedly routinely shares women with friends.

  • On the night in question, Randolph was allegedly distributing stacks of 100 $1 bills. Isn't that why they made the $100 bill?

  • Randolph allegedly offered $500 to a women he knew, and another he didn't, to perform a live sex show.

  • Randolph allegedly bought the woman he didn't know, the plaintiff, several drinks.

  • At the hotel, Randolph and friends allegedly shared a blunt.

  • Randolph allegedly wasn't happy with the sex show.

  • The plaintiff, having had a lot to drink, allegedly fell asleep.

  • The plaintiff allegedly woke up to Randolph, umm, forcing entry in the back door. Twice. Which she allegedly resisted and did not want.

  • Randolph then allegedly forces some more entry, through the front door.

  • The next morning, as the complaint alleges, the plaintiff sends a message to her friend saying "don't worry I have not cracked we good." Then she thinks about it some more, and allegedly realizes that she thinks she has been set up for a sexual assault, and starts asking for $10,000.

  • The plaintiff allegedly went to the hospital too late to collect any rape evidence (after slightly more than three days).

  • Allegedly neither Randolph nor his male friend have cooperated with the investigation.

Oh, what a mess. The whole thing is just so sad and depraved. No idea what really happened, but it's not good.

Of course, Randolph pays a big PR price from a drawn out trial, so there will be a lot of pressure to settle. But this is clearly going to be his word against hers. With no real evidence, no criminal charges, her saying "we good" the next day, her not fleeing at the first sign of assault, her not going to the authorities immediately, it would seem like the kind of case that Randolph might fight.