President Obama talks a little trash

Last week in Boston President Obama discussed Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

"Some of you might have known that Arne used to play professional basketball in Australia," explains Obama. "He was on the Harvard basketball team -- was a star there. Just the other week, he was in a celebrity basketball tournament where he was outscored by Justin Bieber. I'm just sayin'. Justin's like 5-2. So, uh, please give him a hard time for that if you get a chance."

Many will quibble with the guess at Bieber's height, which has been reported at 5-5. I'd quibble with the President's use of points per game as a measure of total player quality.

But we can't quibble with the reality that Duncan (like Scottie Pippen and others) lost an MVP fan vote to Bieber in the NBA Celebrity All-Star game.