Kobe Bryant Suspended One Game for This Play

My take? No, Kobe Bryant probably didn't have to swing his arm quite in that manner. But he was in the process of getting intentionally fouled, by my estimation. It seems like these kinds of plays haven't historically led to suspensions. (See Stockton, John)

Bryant's big mistake, clearly, was not immediately checking with Ginobili was OK. The man was writhing on the floor in front of him, and Bryant essentially left him to die. He seemed bloodthirsty. Now he's telling the TV cameras "after the play I just felt terrible about it." He says he checked on Ginobili three times to make sure he was OK, and he felt bad etc. Well, he didn't check on him when the guy was rolling around on the floor in front of him. Did he forget that the TV cameras were rolling? You can see it all for yourself: Kobe's pleading innocent and Manu's writhing.

Also, there are two different cover stories coming from the Lakers. Phil Jackson is saying all the great guards intentionally draw contact. Kobe Bryant is saying it was unintentional.

In the big picture? A night off for Kobe Bryant might not be the worst thing for the Lakers. They've played pretty well without him, he'll be motivated when he gets back, and despite what they tell you, rest is good sometimes.

Thanks to Nate Jones for the heads up.