TrueHoop TV: The great Steve Nash

Steve Nash's Showdown in Chinatown is a triumph -- of charitable giving, of NBA players pulling together for a good cause, and of the human spirit.

It teaches us about the character of Nash, one of the NBA's most adored, thoughtful and hilarious players.

It also teaches us that Steve Nash is a ruthless killer.

His Suns' teammate, Marcin Gortat, can attest to that as you'll see in the unfortunate incident in the video.

And in asking around about the Gortat incident ... Nash, all agree, is a great guy. But with a smile, those who know him best hasten to point out:

  • He stacks the teams to make sure he always wins at this charity event.

  • He bullied his little brother.

  • He broke a teammate's nose.

  • He cheats.

Also worth mentioning: After "the incident," Nash resolved not to speak to the media post-game.