Short seasons, unfair schedules

At Hoopism, not only has Tim Robinson dissected the lockout-shortened 1998-1999 NBA season, he has also made a lovely graphic out of it.

It was not only a shorter season -- it was also a more compressed one, which created several oddities. For instance, when the Knicks and Spurs met in the 1999 Finals, it was the first time they had played each other all year. Also, poor Milwaukee. Robinson writes:

In March, the Bucks were forced to play 11 games in 15 days, while the Celtics and Wizards both got a six-day break in mid-February. Also interesting is the fact that each team only played six out-of-conference games. Simple math says that each team didn’t get a chance to play eight or nine teams at all during the season. This includes the eventual Finals matchup of the Spurs vs the Knicks.

The faster this lockout is solved, the easier it will be on the NBA’s schedule makers.