Now hiring: NBA teams

A lot of people dream of working in the NBA. And for most of them the preferred method of breaking in -- sending a cover letter and resume to their local team -- simply does not work. So many candidates have that same approach, and those teams hire so few entry-level basketball people.

Right now, though, this very week, could be the time. Thanks to some peculiarities of the post-lockout schedule, many teams are hungry to hear from hungry young basketball people.

“The method to get an entry-level basketball operations job for an NBA team has always been to get your résumé to the right person at the right time,” says a front office executive who wishes to remain anonymous. “Now is the right time.”

League-wide, this source guesses, something like 20 to 40 first NBA jobs for hard workers with some basketball experience will be filled.

The reason so many executives are scrambling to identify candidates is because the lockout has removed many from the mix -- those with connections and experience in the business found jobs in high school or college, where they are generally committed for the rest of the season if not longer.

Meanwhile, NBA teams, in some cases, find themselves going through old stacks of résumés and calling candidates they had previously ignored. They wish they had more options making this, in the words of one front office guy, “the best time in recent memory” to send your résumé to NBA teams.