Paul Pierce on Chris Paul and Dwight Howard

The Celtics star remembers, back in the days before Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, being the injured star of a team that lost 18 straight games. Paul Pierce shared some perspective on starring on bad teams with CSNNE.com's Jessica Camerato:

"When you’ve got Chris Paul down in New Orleans and Dwight (Howard) down there (in Orlando) and not really a great supporting cast, I think they really think about their legacy. Around the league there aren’t a lot of great general managers, they make mistakes, and like Minnesota, they couldn’t put a team around Kevin and really get over the hump. And I think a lot of players are seeing that, what’s happened to the players in the past and they just want that opportunity for a championship."

Pierce has noticed a shift in mentality in players over the years. Instead of going for big money, many are opting for bigger chances to win. After experience the joy of lifting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy in 2008, he understands why. Pierce restructured his contract to create more opportunities for the Celtics to enhance their roster.

"This is a new generation," he said. "You just didn’t see this the last 10, 20 years. This is a newer generation who understands that there’s only a short window for success, and they realize that it’s not always about the money with these guys anymore. These guys, they have other opportunities to make money off the court, with sponsorships and shoe contracts. It’s like, they have the money so what more do they want? It’s a championship."