Luc Richard on the Nuggets

On his blog, the Bucks' stopper Luc Richard Mbah a Moute -- who says his knee is getting better, slowly -- writes about some of the teams he has his eye on. He seems to have a special place in his heart for Denver, where he signed an offer sheet that Milwaukee later matched:

I'm happy for my good friend Arron Afflalo who got one from Denver. We spent a lot of time together this summer working out in LA. We were both restricted free agents and we have the same agent, so when I got an offer sheet from Denver, I thought we might get to play together again.

I would've loved to play with Arron like back in college. Me and Arron on the same court would be hard to beat. He's a competitor, a great defender and a great offensive player. I'd always love to have somebody like that on my team.

I wasn't sure what the Bucks were going to do, so I signed the offer sheet thinking I might end up in Denver. I was just excited to get an offer at that point. But when I heard the Bucks matched, I was happy. It's a city that I'm familiar with, that I've played in for the last two years, so I was comfortable coming back here.

Later in the blog post, he sizes up the league's best teams, and writes:

There are some really good teams out there, of course you've got Chicago, Miami and the Lakers, all really good teams, but one team that I think is really flying under the radar is Denver. They're a very complete team.

He also singles out the Thunder for praise. But it sure does seem like he has special regard for the Nuggets, doesn't it? That's not hard to understand, I guess. They have the league's best offense, two point guards who know how to set up their teammates, a 13-5 record and a need for a little defensive help. What young defensive-minded wing wouldn't want to slide into a situation like that?