HoopIdea: An even better game

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

Thursday at HoopIdea: Henry Abbott will reveal how to make end-of-game situations more exciting.

Join us as we get going with HoopIdea, our engine for improving basketball.

The motto: Basketball is the best game ever. Now let’s make it better.

The problem: Many things in basketball exist because of rules and guidelines set up decades ago. But it’s time to rethink. As Bill Simmons wrote last week, the eight worst words in sports are "Because that's the way we've always done it."


  • More exciting

  • More fun

  • More intelligent

We want a purer form of basketball. When you play a pickup game, the game flows continuously. No one is trying to get the other team in foul trouble. No one calls a timeout. Defenders don’t worry about the restricted area, or try to take charges. No way. Players try to make plays.

That’s what we want to see: Players making plays. Great passes. Superior teamwork. Spectacular action. Strong defense. Fantastic shots. Amazing dunks. Great basketball, all the time.


  • Smarter rules that give us the game we really want

  • Continuous action that features creativity and athleticism

  • Fans on the edge of their seats, or better yet, out of their seats

We want to bring alive the excitement that fans feel during the greatest games, the greatest moments. We want to bring out the best parts of the game. We want the game to be played the way it was meant to be played.

The rules have been changed before, and they will be changed again. And we want you to play a role in those changes.


You can give us your ideas and talk with us and other fans in the following places:

And for the truly ambitious: Shoot a short video of yourself explaining your HoopIdea, upload it to YouTube and share the link with us on Twitter or Google+.

That’s all there is to it. Speak up and be heard.

Henry Abbott is the ESPN senior writer who leads TrueHoop and the TrueHoop Network. Royce Webb is an NBA editor at ESPN.com. Follow on Twitter: @TrueHoop | @HoopIdea | @RoyceWebb