A Shooting at DeShawn Stevenson's House

As has been reported a number of places by now, there was a shooting last night in front of DeShawn Stevenson's house in the Orlando area.

Initial reports said an NBA player was shot in the leg, but subsequent reports contradict that, and the Orange County Sheriff's department confirms that a man named Curtis Ruff was shot either in one or both legs.

Sheriff's public information officer Jim Solomons tells me that they got the call at about 3:58 this morning:

When we responded to the house, two vehicles had been shot, there were bullet holes in the house, there was blood on more than one vehicle. About a half-hour later a guy who had been seen in the neighborhood of the shooting turned up at a hospital in a Cadillac Escalade. I don't know if he had been shot in one or both legs.

Nobody involved is cooperating. The people at the house [identified in a sheriff's department press release as including Washington Wizard DeShawn Stevenson, who owns the house, and former Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and Orlando Magic player Brandon Hunter] do not want to prosecute. The guy at the hospital has told two or three different versions of what happened.

The way the law is written, if there is no victim, there is no crime -- unless we find some other state violation, where the state is the victim, like, for instance a concealed weapons charge. In my 22 years on the job it has never made sense to me. But the way the law is written, if I were to shoot at you, and you decide you are not going to cooperate in any way, even though everyone involved might know I'm the shooter, there's nothing they can do about prosecuting it. As it stood, last I checked, prior to the noon TV broadcasts, that's where this case was.

The Sheriff's office also provided some documents.

One officer's report from this morning recounts what Stevenson and Hunter, as well as a man named Ronnie Millsap and a woman named Jennifer Calderon, told officers on the scene.

Millsap and Hunter, says the report, drove home from a club being followed by some women they had just met. Stevenson was, they say, asleep at home throughout the incident. They were followed to the house by a white Escalade, and when they got to the house the man in the Escalade (also identified in places as silver) allegedly argued with the women. Quoting the report:

Millsap stated Hunter approached the suspect and the suspect stated, "You don't know me," and went back to his vehicle. Hunter and Millsap started back to the residence. The suspect emerged from his vehicle and began firing an unknown variety of handgun toward the residence. Millsap stated he struck Stevenson's Lexus in the rear windshield and driver's side rear window, Hunter's BMW in the passenger's side window, and Stevenson's residence on the wall. Millsap and Hunter ran back inside and reported the incident. Millsap stated the vehicle rode up and down the street two or three times then left. ... I asked Hunter and Millsap if they shot at the Escalade. They stated they ran back inside and hid until I arrived. A shell casing was located at rear of the driver's side of the Lexus and one at the front passenger side of the BMW.

The sheriff's office also provided a copy of the criminal rap sheet of the man who was shot, Curtis Ruff. According to the records, Ruff goes by various other names, as well. There are 44 arrest records, the vast majority of which have the word "cocaine" in them, usually accompanied by the words "possession" or "distribution." There are also some gun charges (including one allegedly involving an altered serial number), a home invasion charge, battery on a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault, grand theft, and a few others.

UPDATE: Curtis Ruff's online records from the Florida Department of Corrections.

UPDATE: Brandon Hunter has been reported as being a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was on the Cavaliers' summer league team last summer (2006), and was cut in training camp. He has also played for Boston and Orlando.