J.J. Redick and Milo Greene

Nate Drexler writes on Magic Basketball about how alt-rock enthusiast and NBA player J.J. Redick and NBA-enthusiasts and alt-rockers Milo Greene came to learn they admired each other's work. Some highlights:

According to Redick, he was in Portland on an off-day in early January doing what most people do, browsing the internet. He stumbled on a music blog that suggested Milo Greene’s “1957” as a “must-listen track.” So like any music fan, J.J. listened, loved, YouTubed, loved some more, and immediately purchased the song.

“I went to the Milo website and paid for the seven-inch vinyl so that I could download the MP3 version of '1957' and 'Silent Way'.”

Milo Greene isn’t posing. They love the NBA. Graham Fink, guitarist and vocalist of Milo Greene, told me in an interview that several of its members are “huge basketball fans,” which means they were well aware of who J.J. was before the meeting. When they saw the tweet, they thought it was just another fan. It wasn’t until later that they realized it was the Blue Devil himself.

“We received a vinyl order from a Jonathan Redick with a Florida mailing address and realized the Twitter account was actually his -- I’m not gonna say we geeked out, but …”

J.J. titles his playlists according to the location he made the playlist in. When he downloaded “1957” in Portland, it became the go-to track on his Portland playlist. In his own words, the Portland playlist has been his favorite since January.

“Believe it or not -- I listen to ’1957' before every game,” he said.

Can Milo Greene ball?


Graham Fink had this to say about the future for Milo Greene pending a music business meltdown.

“I spent 4 months doing plyometrics in an attempt to dunk … no dice."