Flop of the Night: Danny Granger

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Well it finally happened. Danny Granger has the honor: He's the first Flop of the Night recipient to cause a classic NBA quasi-brawl.

You could see this one coming. A series of tough calls off the ball had Larry Sanders fuming before Danny Granger finally put him over the edge.

As Sanders chased Roy Hibbert across the paint, Granger slid in to set a cross-screen, which is supposed to be still. On the replay, you can see Granger's is moving into Sanders' path (and it seems like you can hear Sanders yell "he moved!" after the whistle). And when Granger finds contact, he goes down immediately, prompting Sanders' disqualification (it was sixth foul) and, eventually, his ejection.

Does this look like our usual theatrical flops? No, Granger definitely takes some contact. But this one gets the award because it spotlights just how advantageous falling down can be. Granger is out of position the whole way, but because he ends up on his back, he winns a whistle and an ejection.

It's also an important lesson for Sanders, who was doing his best to play tough defense against a bigger opponent: in the NBA, it can be better to flop on contact than it is to fight through it.

For his part, Sanders does seem to understand that it's better to act like you want to fight than actually tangle with David West.

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