You Don't Want to be a Knick

On my way home from watching the Warriors wax the Knicks.

I can't decide who was the most unhappy person in Madison Square Garden tonight.

  • By looks, it's James Dolan, who could barely manage to stay upright as he harrumphed his way through the game in his baseline seat. He's rich! He's powerful! He stars in his own rock band! He owns the fanciest and most expensive toy in the world: the New York Knicks! And he's slumping and morose throughout the game. At one point they handed him what I assume was a box score, and he sneered at it.

  • Could be Mardy Collins whose 1/4 assist-to-turnover ratio only begins to tell the tale of how impressively he did not make a case for more minutes. (His misses, turnovers, and fouls compared to his total points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks: 9/3)

  • Could be Jared Jeffries, who worked like a dog all summer retooling his game, and now can't get on the court.

  • Could be Stephon Marbury, who stood on the floor in the middle of his hometown, in the world's "most famous arena," and was booed every time he touched the ball. In a special treat from his coach he was also given the gift of getting his starting job back on the night Baron Davis was in town to embarrass whomever was starting. Baron Davis (who is an absolute joy to watch) ended up with 31, 7, and 6. If Stephen Jackson had warmed up a little earlier, Davis could have had ten assists or more.

  • Could be Isiah Thomas, the person who has to answer for this mess. The man carries himself with a certain poise, which is not easy when the crowd repeatedly chants "fire Isiah!" He said after the game that with the basketball that was being played on the court, fans deserved to yell whatever they wanted.

  • Could be Nate Robinson, who appers to play harder than any other Knick, and ended up with an 0-fer.

  • In reality, though, gven all of the above, I guess you have to hand the crown to any Knick fan (or these guys) who showed up hoping to be entertained tonight. The mood in that arena was apathetic and sour. Something has got to give.