NBA committee to address flopping

Flopping has become a very big topic in the NBA lately. For years the toughest anti-flopping rhetoric has come from Jeff Van Gundy. But these days, NBA Commissioner David Stern is giving the ESPN commentator a run for his money. (To Stern, the word "flopping" may no longer be harsh enough.)

On Tuesday -- about an hour before Derek Fisher and Mario Chalmers staged a Finals flop-off -- Stern was asked if the league's newly formed competition committee will address flopping. For the first time, he declared it is absolutely on the committee's to-do list:

I think it's something ... I know it is something that the competition committee will look at because it's meeting on the 18th, and I've seen the agenda.

So it will be looking at an array of things. It will be looking at ways of adding additional replay.

Flopping almost doesn't do it justice. Trickery. Deceit. Designed to cause the game to be decided other than on its merits. We'll be looking at that.

We'll be looking at a number of things that make it easier for us to say to our fans what we all know to be true: our referees want to get everything right.

Instant replay and elimination of tricks that are designed either to fool the ref, or if you don't fool the ref, to make the fans think that the refs made a bad call by not calling it, that shouldn't have a place in our game.