TrueHoop TV: Rapid fire with Nick Collison

NBA players spend a fair amount of their lives in hotel rooms, and this doesn't come without risk. The biggest danger?

"When there's not an electrical outlet near the bed, you have to plug your phone in away from the bed," Oklahoma City big man Nick Collison says. "So you have to plug in your phone away from the bed, or try to dig in behind the bed and get to the back and try to avoid a hand and wrist injury."

According to Collison, there's a culinary shift among NBA players, as Japanese grill house Benihana is threatening to unseat The Cheesecake Factory as the chain restaurant of the moment.

Finally, Collison discusses the prospect of an openly gay player in the NBA.

"I think at first there would be guys in the league who would have a problem with it," Collison says. "But I do think that once people got over the initial news of one of their teammates being gay, I think guys would be fine with it.

"It's the ignorance of not knowing someone," Collison says. "The fear of the unknown."