TrueHoop TV: Tim Grover on Kobe healing

Tim Grover -- author of the new book "Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable" -- has trained the likes of Michael Jordan and Dwyane Wade, and is now deeply involved in helping his long-term client Kobe Bryant do everything he can to get back on the court to achieve his longstanding goal of winning a sixth title.

In his first appearance on TrueHoopTV, Grover discussed his original client, Michael Jordan. Today he describes the process of getting Bryant back at his best. He says the first challenge is convincing the hardworking Laker star not to do too much too fast, and to get adequate rest.

Grover says Bryant has directed him he has no interest in coming back merely as good as he was before. He wants to be even better.

Grover also says Bryant has never used performance enhancing drugs and won't now.

"It's just another challenge," says Grover, "just another chapter in the story to get to number six."