Jose Calderon, Pig Farmer

In the current HOOP magazine, Jeramie McPeek grills Jose Calderon about all kinds of things in a free-ranging conversation. We learn that not only does the Raptor point guard have the NBA's finest free throw percentage, but he also has its best custom ham:

The Raptors' Media Guide says you own a pig farm. Is that true?
Well, kind of. It's not like I have it all by myself, but yeah, we sell the ham there in Spain and I've tried to get it here to Canada, too.

Ah, okay. We thought you had a bunch of pigs for pets or something.
No, no. It's just for my business, that's it. They're really nice animals sometimes, but it's not like I have pigs because I like them.

How did you get into that? That's an unusual business.
Not really in Spain. Where I'm from is where the best ham is. I thought it would be a good thing to bring the ham here to Canada and to the U.S.

What's different about the ham in Spain?
Well, the pigs there only eat walnuts, so everything is organic. It's much better.