Dinner with C.J. McCollum

C.J. McCollum could have entered the draft a year ago, after he led Lehigh to a tournament win over Duke. None other than Mike Krzyzewski called him the best player on the court that day. The NBA was waiting for him.

But McCollum went back to school for his senior year ... then broke a bone in his foot. He spent months hobbling around on crutches, learning to shoot one-footed 3-pointers, wondering about the decisions he had made.

Things looked bleak for a while, but now he's projected to be a top-ten pick and says he's far stronger for the experience.

Now, about that bet at the end. From the time of our bet to now McCollum has picked up about 300 followers. Just need about 90,000 more and I'm good to go. Help me out, please: He's on Twitter @CJMcCollum and, along with six other 2013 NBA prospects, is part of the innovative DraftDreams social media project.


McCollum does not have a great nickname. Nor does he plan to bring friends and family to whichever NBA city he ends up in, for reasons he explains:

When he decided to go back to college for his senior year, his mother told him to get insurance in case he got injured. He did not. Also, C.J.'s brother Errick, who plays professionally in Greece, sets the record straight about their sibling rivalry.